On the art of getting the right words out

@Coram linked to a blog in which an adopter described her difficulties with carrying a pregnancy, which (of course) riled me up enough to make a comment.

As you can see (if you go to the thread), the intention behind my comment was somewhat misinterpreted and a few days hullabaloo went on while I tried to explain what I meant, while @Threebecomefour became defensive because there was a misguided belief that I was attacking her

Happily, unlike many who don’t agree with what I say, @Threebecomefour didn’t block me, and so today I saw there was another blogpost up. Turns out that I’ve actually inspired a blogpost. Even better, I was nodding through most of it and thinking yay, she’s finally got it … only it turns out she hadn’t, and so the Twitting tarted again.

Happily, the conversation went far better today, in that I managed to help @Threebecomefour realise that just because I point out the 11th in line issue, isn’t me saying that it’s awful and that the adoptee will necessarily feel slighted by being so far down the choice list, but just an acknowledgement that for very very few people on the planet, adoption isn’t at the high end of their choice list when it comes to family creation. In fact, I think @EmmaLangman is the first I’ve come across who decided on adoption over procreation.

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