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Lost Daughters: Lost Daughters Discuss Veronica Brown Tonight

Lost Daughters: Lost Daughters Discuss Veronica Brown Tonight.

Lost Daughters contributors Trace DeMeyer, Samantha Franklin, Lynn Grubb, Deanna Shrodes, Julie Stromberg, and Karen Pickell will participate on a panel discussing the Veronica Brown situation on the radio show Voices of Our People, hosted by Emelie Jeffries. The show will air tonight, August 18, at 10:00 p.m. EST on Tampa community radio station WMNF 88.5 FM. Those outside the Tampa listening area can click on the “Listen Now” button at the top of the http://www.wmnf.org home page to hear the show.

Joining our Lost Daughters will be author and Native American adoptee Susan Fedorko, and Professor Laura Briggs, chair of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at the University of Massachusetts.

Blogs – those that people should be reading to learn things from

There are a multitude of awesome bloggers out there these days, to the point that I no longer feel that ye olde blogroll quite cuts it as an adequate way to display such a wide variety of talent. Thus, this post (that may or may not develop into a category of its own) is my endeavour to bring you a selection of the best writers in an easy to find format.

Individual Bloggers

Amanda @ The Declassified Adoptee

Claudia Corrigan DArcy @ Musings of the Lame

Daniel Ibn Zayd @ Daniel Ibn Zayd

Danielle @ Another Version of Mother

Rebecca Hawkes @ Love Is Not a Pie

Triona Guidry @ 73adoptee: perspectives on adoption

Collaborative Blogs

Lost Daughters


Whilst I am already aware of many blogs that I need to go through adding (not least those listed on the blogroll over at Adopted in the UK), please feel free to leave a comment in order to suggest blogs for inclusion. Any and all blogs that concern adoption issues will be gratefully accepted, however, I reserve the right to exclude blogs I don’t want to promote from this list.