Reliquishment in Pictures.

Another Version of Mother

Jenna posed the question;

“Was Your Relinquishment Day happy?”

(If you want the full story behind this question, see her post).  If the question applies to you, go answer the poll she has.

Ever since she asked, I have been trying to convince myself that I could write about the day I handed The Kiddo over to his Adoptive Parents. As I sit here and type this, I am still trying to convince myself that I can write it out.  Unfortunately, I can’t go there yet.  That day, was the toughest, the hardest, the lowest, most soul sucking, saddest day of my life. In order to write about it, I’d have to explore those unmentionable feelings, the ones that have yet to find a name for in our language. I cannot relive those moments at this point and time.

I can, however, show you my answer.

On June 1st, 2003…

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