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Recommended Reading

Potentially, some most important posts on this site will be those posted using the “recommended reading” tag, since it’s that which will be used to aim people at stuff (since no-one cares what us adoptees actually say for ourselves).

Yup, already can’t think of much in the way of introductory stuff, so on with the reading lists.


Adoption and Loss: The Hidden Grief
Evelyn Burns Robinson
@ http://www.adoptioncrossroads.org/Adoption&Loss.html (dead link, but review available @ http://www.ccnm-mothers.ca/English/articles/Robinson.htm )

Adoption Healing… the path to recovery for mothers who lost children to adoption
Joe Soll
@ https://www.adoptionhealing.com/Moms/

Adoption: Uncharted Waters
David Kirschner
@ http://www.adoptionunchartedwaters.com/

Being Adopted: The Lifelong Search for Self
David Brodzinsky
@ http://library.adoption.com/articles/being-adopted-the-lifelong-search-for-self.html

Coming Home to Self: The Adopted Child Grows Up
Nancy Verrier
@ http://nancyverrier.com/coming-home-to-self/

Journey of the Adopted Self: A Quest for Wholeness
Betty Jean Lifton
@ http://www.plumsite.com/bjlifton/

Lost and Found: the Adoption Experience
Betty Jean Lifton
@ http://www.plumsite.com/bjlifton/

The Adopted break Silence
Jean Paton
@ http://www.uoregon.edu/~adoption/archive/PatonTABS.htm

The Girls Who Went Away
Ann Fessler
@ http://www.thegirlswhowentaway.com/

The Primal Wound: Understanding the Adopted Child
Nancy Verrier
@ http://nancyverrier.com/the-primal-wound/

Without a map
Meredith Hall
@ http://meredithhall.org/


Adoptees in Reunion: The Psychological Integration of Adoption, Motivations for Reunion, and the Reunion Relationship
Susan Rogers
@ http://www.nla.gov.au/openpublish/index.php/aja/article/view/1447/1776