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The Life Of Von

A mother writes on a long running blog familiar to some – “Do you plan to search for your birth parents” asked my impudent first mother friend at a reading by English writer Jeanette Winterson of her prize-winning 1985 novel Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit. Winterson brushed the question aside. “If they want to find me, they know where to find me” referring to her fame and her original parents in the UK. Subsequently, though, Winterson did search and had a good reunion with her first mother, a story she recounts in her 2011 memoir Why Be Happy When You Could be Normal. My question is, why this is considered by the blog author to be an impudent question and not a rude and disrespectful one? What would have been the reaction if Jeanette had come back with ‘Have you searched for your son or daughter and what was…

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Someone doing things right.

Foster Adoption Blog

baby handLast Thursday was a day like any other… until I got a call from our resource worker asking if we would consider providing respite for a ten month old infant. I hesitated but something nagged at me telling me there was a reason we were receiving this request. I returned the call and said we would do it.

That afternoon, Goofy, Pluto and I were at the local hospital discharging another woman’s baby. As it turns out, his mother was in need of a psychiatric hospitalization and there was nowhere for her baby to stay. The hospital admitted him and a (semi) local organization worked with our child welfare system to secure respite (us) while this woman got the help she needed.

My family was initially not thrilled with my decision… especially since I hadn’t even bothered to consult any of them. We aren’t really “baby people” if you know…

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Awesome writing.

All Aboard The Trauma Train


When I decided to adopt I was someone who had qualified as a social worker and had consequently worked within “the system”.

My political interests informed my practice and my specialism was outsider groups. I had worked with travellers to support the writing of letters to Government, learning disabled adults to form a clients committee, people with HIV and Aids to gain holistic health treatment, and a project to achieve an anti racist education model.

Very soon I realised social work wasn’t the job for me as I felt one could not afford to care properly, emotionally or financially. I made the decision to commit to actually caring for a lifetime. Better to try and make a difference to one person properly than manage budgets for an industry, that by its very nature, was too unwieldy to have true empathy.I believed empathy to be a key requirement in caring. The cliched…

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Mad Momma Moogacat

Disclaimer:  This is certainly not a new topic.  I don’t want to pretend that this post represents any kind of brainstorm on my part– this topic has been bandied about for a long time in adoptee circles, and has a deep, thought-provoking expression here at Transracial Eyes.  Rather than just reblogging adoptee posts or linking, I did think there was value in expressing my thoughts about this topic, and addressing it to adoptive parents.  So here we go.

Reactive Attachment Disorder, or RAD, is a huge topic in adoption circles, especially among wary prospective and actual adoptive parents.  When reading Yahoo! groups and web fora, it would seem that prospective adoptive parents fear RAD more than a diagnosis of fatal cancer.  Yet with all that discussion, there’s little understanding of, and empathy for, the children who have this diagnosis.  Parents act as if the children are wild animals to feared…

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ADOPTEE Awareness

This idea has been sitting in my head for a couple of years now, so I thought it was about time to do something about it.

International ADOPTEE Awareness Month is brought to you as a foil to balance out the disparity of the various adoption awareness campaigns that are floating around the world.

May has been chosen as the month for us because it is at the opposite end of the year to November, which is the time that both the UK and America focus on adoption, with all their pandering to adopters and with it, so little recognition of what happens to us adoptees.

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Blogs – those that people should be reading to learn things from

There are a multitude of awesome bloggers out there these days, to the point that I no longer feel that ye olde blogroll quite cuts it as an adequate way to display such a wide variety of talent. Thus, this post (that may or may not develop into a category of its own) is my endeavour to bring you a selection of the best writers in an easy to find format.

Individual Bloggers

Amanda @ The Declassified Adoptee

Claudia Corrigan DArcy @ Musings of the Lame

Daniel Ibn Zayd @ Daniel Ibn Zayd

Danielle @ Another Version of Mother

Rebecca Hawkes @ Love Is Not a Pie

Triona Guidry @ 73adoptee: perspectives on adoption

Collaborative Blogs

Lost Daughters


Whilst I am already aware of many blogs that I need to go through adding (not least those listed on the blogroll over at Adopted in the UK), please feel free to leave a comment in order to suggest blogs for inclusion. Any and all blogs that concern adoption issues will be gratefully accepted, however, I reserve the right to exclude blogs I don’t want to promote from this list.