Unlawful Slavery abolished … to usher in Lawful Slavery

Q: How was Unlawful Slavery abolished?
{quote}A: By making it lawful and a function of State, via various for political and social changes.{quote} By turning it into adoption.

Not that that’s the thrust of this post, but it’s a highly relevant read for those who’re wondering why some of us adoptees compare adoption with slavery.

The Epinoiasphere

Ask any one if slavery has been abolished, and I would suggest that the overwhelming response would be a resounding “Yes!”.

But has it? Before we can answer that question, it would pay to define the word ‘abolish’;

a·bol·ish     /əˈbäliSH/   verb.

Formally put an end to (a system, practice, or institution)

Seems self explanatory: to abolish means to formally put and end to a practice, which is wholly consistent with what we believe to have happened.


So now let us see if what we believe is echoed in the political reality, for which we turn our attention to the official record of Parliament, that being, Hansard.

Mr Wilberforce, House of Commons, 13 June 1815 Hansard Vol 31   [link]


Many of his friends who then heard him would remember that, during the various discussions upon the abolition of the Slave-trade, it was constantly urged…

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