Elsewhere on the site we have explored the “cost” of adoptee activism [ link ], and we have heard some stories of closed-down blogs and the like. Certain adoptee sites have erased past posts, or willingly avoid or openly mock the so-called “radical” in acts of self-censorship. Much of this is in the realm of our so-called rights of agency, such as free speech, opinion, etc.

What happens though when this line is crossed in a more dangerous way? I know of adoptees who fear for their lives for speaking out. I have been privy locally to adoptees whose activism has resulted in vague threats to “stop poking around”. I take these warnings very seriously, personally speaking.

At the Adoption Initiatives Conference at St. John’s University in New York in October, Ambassador Susan Jacobs, Special Advisor to the Secretary for Children’s Issues, U.S. Department of State stated that the term…

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