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A mother writes on a long running blog familiar to some – “Do you plan to search for your birth parents” asked my impudent first mother friend at a reading by English writer Jeanette Winterson of her prize-winning 1985 novel Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit. Winterson brushed the question aside. “If they want to find me, they know where to find me” referring to her fame and her original parents in the UK. Subsequently, though, Winterson did search and had a good reunion with her first mother, a story she recounts in her 2011 memoir Why Be Happy When You Could be Normal. My question is, why this is considered by the blog author to be an impudent question and not a rude and disrespectful one? What would have been the reaction if Jeanette had come back with ‘Have you searched for your son or daughter and what was…

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