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Disclaimer:  This is certainly not a new topic.  I don’t want to pretend that this post represents any kind of brainstorm on my part– this topic has been bandied about for a long time in adoptee circles, and has a deep, thought-provoking expression here at Transracial Eyes.  Rather than just reblogging adoptee posts or linking, I did think there was value in expressing my thoughts about this topic, and addressing it to adoptive parents.  So here we go.

Reactive Attachment Disorder, or RAD, is a huge topic in adoption circles, especially among wary prospective and actual adoptive parents.  When reading Yahoo! groups and web fora, it would seem that prospective adoptive parents fear RAD more than a diagnosis of fatal cancer.  Yet with all that discussion, there’s little understanding of, and empathy for, the children who have this diagnosis.  Parents act as if the children are wild animals to feared…

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