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I’ve been pondering for some time about how to link so many of the wonderfully written blog posts I come across that share similar themes. I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to make it easy on both myself for adding the linking, and you, my avid reader, for finding these themed posts, is to make a separate post for each theme. These posts will reside under the highly inventive category of ‘themes’, and this initial explanatory post will serve as the index to the where the rest of the pages live, being updated to include new posts/links as added.

What people really think about:
~ ADOPTEES (last updated xx XXX, xxxx)
~ BMOMS (last updated 23 Feb, 2013)

People think adoptees …
~ should be GRATEFUL (last updated xx XXX, xxxx)

~ should not SEARCH (last updated xx XXX, xxxx)

What type of adoption?

~ Open adoptions (last updated xx XXX, xxxx)
~ Open closing (last updated 23 Feb, 2013)
~ Closed adoptions (last updated xx XXX, xxxx)
~ Closed opening (last updated xx XXX, xxxx)


~ Does DNA matter? (last updated xx XXX, xxxx)

Stay tuned for further exciting thematic links. :p

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