Blogs – those that people should be reading to learn things from

There are a multitude of awesome bloggers out there these days, to the point that I no longer feel that ye olde blogroll quite cuts it as an adequate way to display such a wide variety of talent. Thus, this post (that may or may not develop into a category of its own) is my endeavour to bring you a selection of the best writers in an easy to find format.

Individual Bloggers

Amanda @ The Declassified Adoptee

Claudia Corrigan DArcy @ Musings of the Lame

Daniel Ibn Zayd @ Daniel Ibn Zayd

Danielle @ Another Version of Mother

Rebecca Hawkes @ Love Is Not a Pie

Triona Guidry @ 73adoptee: perspectives on adoption

Collaborative Blogs

Lost Daughters


Whilst I am already aware of many blogs that I need to go through adding (not least those listed on the blogroll over at Adopted in the UK), please feel free to leave a comment in order to suggest blogs for inclusion. Any and all blogs that concern adoption issues will be gratefully accepted, however, I reserve the right to exclude blogs I don’t want to promote from this list.

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UK Adoptee - Adopted in the UK Adoption - because "legalised child abandonment" just doesn't bring in the punters. View all posts by 7rin

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