Collaboration required

In this, the second of today’s awesome Twitter threads, I’m not convinced I’m going to be posting every comment into here because the thread did get quite long. It does, however, yield some useful discussion, and perhaps even begins to give some understanding between the varying types of kids who – however it happened – we raised away from their bfam for the path each of us trekked.

The thread does carry on for quite some way after this last Tweet I’ve posted. Due to the awkwardness of reposting Twitter threads though, I’m either going to have double some posts up, or miss some posts out. I don’t want to do either of those though, and so instead I’m going to cut it off in the post here, and leave you to go and investigate all the weird and wonderful directions the thread wendled on your own.

As with all Twitter threads, it can be useful to open some of the individual posts because sometimes conversations flow off side-wards.

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