I’ve only recently discovered Twitter, and only really took to it once I found out I could annoy Sir @martinnarey directly (what with him being The Big I Am in UK adoption at the moment). :}

One of the reasons I’m less keen on it is lack of threading. I can be difficult to keep track of conversations had/ongoing. Thus, I’m inventing a new category for in here, Twits; for those conversations which demonstrate an awful lot that many of us sometimes try to describe, and we all know happens between adoptees, but that rarely seems to see the light of day for letting other people learn the intricacies of our complex thoughts on and reactions to adoption.

The first one I’m sharing then, begins with Muzik of @iamadopted asking “Are u an adoptee that is proud/happy to be adopted? #adoption

The first reply is from @aschmidty33, who mentions her love for her a’rents, and then I chime in being similarly thankful for my a’rents. :}

Further down the thread there’s another (several other, but one I want to highlight) good question asked, this time from @drkimholt, who asked “what do you think made the difference?

I think one of the most important things we need to do as a society is work out why those of us put the answers we do.

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