[Reblog] Best of Open Adoption Blogs 2012

Open Adoption Bloggers

2012 Best of Open Adoption BlogsThe Best of Open Adoption Blogs list celebrates the best of online writing about openness in adoption from 2012, as selected by the blogging community. Bloggers could contribute posts they wrote as well as posts written by others. Submissions will be added to the list through January 31, so if your favorite post isn’t listed, be sure to submit it.

The submissions are listed in the order in which they were received–no “best of the best” or rankings here.

Section I: Recognizing Our Own Writing

When a Birthmother Closes an Open Adoption. by Claudia Corrigan D’Arcy of Musings of the Lame–Life as a Birthmother

Insecurities and Doubts about Adopting by Wendy of Our Story: A Blog About Open Adoption

My public speaking debut by Traathy of Happily Ever After

How the Today Show ʺExpertsʺ Botched a Question on Open Adoption by Lori Lavender Luz of LavenderLuz

Who Needs Her?

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